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★ Dave Arneson's True Genius ★

The first book ever written on D&D's co-designer, David L. Arneson, who created and implemented a unique and transcendent systems structure in the history of game design.

REVIEWS: 'Rob lays out just what Arneson created before ever showing the game to Gary Gygax and explains just why this is such a phenomenal leap, not only in game design, but in systems thinking.' - The Collector's Trove


'Warning: if you don't like to think, don't read this book. This book stimulates intense thought.


Rob Kuntz was ushered at an early age into Gary Gygax’s inner circle of friends because of his precocious intellect. That intellect is on full display in this book. More subtly on display, however, is Mr. Kuntz’s unarguable bravery in tackling the firmly-entrenched Gygaxian narrative of Dungeons & Dragon’s creation. In fact, to my knowledge this is the first time anyone in the 43 year history of the game has dared to challenge that narrative in a published work, despite the persistent whispers in various corners of the industry of its fallacy. But what better man to do it than Kuntz, who was at the table with Gary Gygax when Arneson first unveiled his revolutionary new game system?' - Cedgewick, via Goodreads


'Although the book is geared for those interested in design and history, it is of value IMO to anyone who has an interest in how did it all really start.' - Leonard Hagan, via Goodreads


'It puts the lie to long held and long championed claims and proclamations by those who were not there and yet they claim to be the keepers (and gatekeepers) of the old school style of play. But none of what they preach is the way that Arneson played or reffed and is not what Arneson first unveiled for Gary, Rob and a few others.' - Halenar Frosthelm, via Goodreads

★ El Raja Key Archive DVD: The Collected Maps, Manuscripts & RPG Artifacts of Robert J. Kuntz ★

Contained within the Archive are over 1,000 high resolution scans of adventures, maps and keys, campaign notes, character sheets, and manuscripts from the Original Greyhawk, Kalibruhn, and Blackmoor Campaigns.

REVIEW: overall rating of 9.75/10 on RPG Geek and described as 'a little piece of Heaven'.

★ Sunken City Adventure Module ★

Sunken City is a much-expanded version of Rob Kuntz's original 1975, GenCon VIII single-round tournament adventure. Listed in the original GenCon VIII program as 'D&D for Prizes' with the convention's chairman, Rob Kuntz, listed as the referee.

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