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In his 26-page PDF newsletter, Rob informs us of what he has been up to over the last few months, his projects, as well as some historical matter that will delight the fans, not to forget our latest Red Book line digital releases through our newly-launched digital store. The newsletter's fan mail section is also a send-off to Rob's loyal fanbase where he shares some of their appreciations. So much to be excited about, this newsletter is a must-read!
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Read the Lake Geneva Days excerpt here.

Showcase: DARK WORLD

DARK WORLD is Robert J. Kuntz’s

mind-chilling excursion into the future

of every soul destined for oblivion!


As Mr. Kuntz reaches the finish of the film treatment

for Lake Geneva Days, this favorite of his started in 2010

has been fast-tracked for DEVELOPMENT.


 As a teaser, meet Draco!

 … Draco moved among the ebony trees, gliding to one, striding to another, wholly incapable of finding his calm since entering the strange woods. He looked about him and knew he was lost. He’d have to sense a way, and that was always dangerous. He closed his now burning-green eyes and these became inwardly transfixed upon the star-symbol branded into his memory. He soon opened them—and gasped.


The transformation had occurred unusually quicker than at other times in the past.


The nearby trees were now animating. Their once inert surfaces changed to the likeness of intermixed and flowing silvery-black liquid. The one he stood nearest to pulsed with life and made slight wrenching noises, like metal on metal slowly grinding out potent yet barely audible sounds. It startled him to realize that these sounds were occurring in the depths of his mind, though the images were terribly real. He moved away from it. It and the others, like dark mirages, shambled towards him. Their black limbs became prehensile, slowly elongating to tentatively search the space between him and them. They were always slow when first manifesting, he thought, but gained the strength of reality the longer they were separated from HIS dreams.


He would have to destroy them or else more would appear to haunt his steps. Once they manifested they never stopped unless the initial sequence ended; and then there was an uncertain chance afterwards that HE would not produce the same dream.


Draco grimaced upon feeling his presence take hold, as his hands turned to talons and his breath heated. He himself would have to bleed to bleed them. He hissed and a small gout of greenish flame passed from his lips. Everything before his vision was now red. It was his time. A blood red time, he wildly thought, as he sprang upon the closest tree. …



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