★ LATEST NEWS: Robert Kuntz at AthensCon 2017 ★ Athens, Greece, Dec. 2nd-3rd

Robert will be a Special Guest at this year's AthensCon and looks forward to meeting his European fans. Robert will run a two-hour RPG workshop:  The Genius of Original Dungeons & Dragons:  Leaping Outside the Box of Design History DON'T MISS OUT, BOOK YOUR SEAT NOW!


Robert will participate in a large panel discussion on board game design.


He will also DM two sessions of his redesigned Lake Level from Castle El Raja KeyBOOK YOUR SESSION NOW!


Can't wait to see you all at AthensCon! More details from the blog.

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Sunken City is an expanded version of Rob Kuntz's original 1975, GenCon VIII single-round tournament adventure. Listed in the original GenCon VIII program as 'D&D for Prizes' with the convention's chairman, Rob Kuntz, listed as the referee.

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