Latest Release: El Raja Key's Arcane Treasury
TLS Store · 08-20-2023
Originally published [as a print product] in 2008 by Rob Kuntz's Pied Piper Publishing company as "The First Release in the El Raja Key Product Line", El Raja Key's Arcane Treasury is a magical resource book for advanced role playing campaigns. ** READY TO ORDER DIRECTLY FROM Three Line Studio Store **

Latest Release: The Return of Robilar
Green Dragon Line · 08-19-2023
Fans and friends of ROBILAR, rejoice, we have great news for you! Rob Kuntz's latest digital publication is sure to please all of you as we are celebrating Robilar's 50th birthday! ** READY TO ORDER DIRECTLY FROM Three Line Studio Store **

Latest Releases: Dark Druids & Dave Arneson's True Genius
TLS Store · 05-10-2023
Rob Kuntz's iconic RPG adventure module 'Dark Druids', and seminal treatise 'Dave Arneson's True Genius', are both available for sale as PDFs for the first time! ** READY TO ORDER DIRECTLY FROM Three Line Studio Store **

Latest Releases: Gargax's Glorious Gewgaws & Pryce's Price
Red Book Line · 02-07-2023
Three Line Studio is delighted to announce Robert J. Kuntz's latest product releases. ** READY TO ORDER DIRECTLY FROM Three Line Studio Store **

Red Book Line · 12-14-2019
Three Line Studio is delighted to announce the release of MERLYND THE MAGICIAN, by Robert J. Kuntz. ** READY TO ORDER DIRECTLY FROM TLB Games **

ERKA · 05-12-2019
**OYEZ Friends & Fans! If a BARGAIN you seek to make, hurry to DAYS OF MAY SALE. Gold pieces you shall save, on ERKA Standard Edition purchase. DVDs and USBs, now a thrifty $59.99. And right in your pocket, a $20-$30 saving!**

Thoughts · 11-18-2018
"I love my fellow actors but sometimes I think that their opinions are wrong," he explained. "True art asks uncomfortable questions and if you find yourself agreeing with everyone around you all the time, you should wonder what your significance as a citizen and as an artist is. But that's not really important. What matters is that a civilization is kept alive and vital by debate." -- John Rhys-Davies

Battle Report · 07-15-2018
Finishing... Breakthrough to the Bridge An LGTSA Tractics Scenario Battle Report © 2018 by Robert J. Kuntz. Scenario Designed and Adjudicated by E. Gary Gygax, January, 1972 American Team (attackers): Don Kaye; Thomas Champeny German Team (defenders): Rob Kuntz, commander Luftwaffe ground troops; Bill Corey, commander of a timed reinforcing SS Tiger tank section & Next Up on the ole Keyboard.... The Battle of St. Hubris An LGTSA Napoleonics battle report, 1975, that took place at the...

ERKA · 07-14-2018
Take a prolonged look at my Greyhawk City Sewers and Catacombs map created for Gary's and my own shared campaign, Greyhawk. This is but a sample of the hundreds of maps on the El Raja Key Archive DVD available from TLB Games.

DATG Book · 07-06-2018
Robert J. Kuntz's seminal work, Dave Arneson's True Genius, is loaded with primary information on what a Role Playing Game is, and more importantly, exposes it for what it can be. By dissecting Dave Arneson's design thinking the author brings to the RPG and Game Design Industries a minute study that has ramifications for the future of Conceptual Games while securing Arneson's legacy as the prime Architect of RPGs. In it he atomizes from his day-one, hit-the-ground-running, perspective Arneson's...

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