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Latest Release: The 4th Category
Systems Thinking · 02-15-2024
Introducing The 4th Category: Rob Kuntz's major update on “Dave Arneson's True Genius”, as well as a preview to his upcoming opus, “A New Ethos in Game Design”. ** READY TO ORDER DIRECTLY FROM Three Line Studio Store **

Systems Thinking · 07-06-2018
Robert J. Kuntz's seminal work, Dave Arneson's True Genius, is loaded with primary information on what a Role Playing Game is, and more importantly, exposes it for what it can be. By dissecting Dave Arneson's design thinking the author brings to the RPG and Game Design Industries a minute study that has ramifications for the future of Conceptual Games while securing Arneson's legacy as the prime Architect of RPGs. In it he atomizes from his day-one, hit-the-ground-running, perspective Arneson's...

Systems Thinking · 05-07-2018
➡️ Goodreads, average 3.87 of 5 ➡️ Christian Madsen video review ➡️ Multiverse review ➡️ By an Avid Player/DM ➡️ Secrets of Blackmoor review ➡️ The Collector's Trove's (Paul Stormberg) review

Systems Thinking · 04-16-2017
Hot off the press and already steamrolling ahead! What is Dave Arneson’s True Genius?? Well... It kinda starts below...

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