El Raja Key Archive and the Mapping Styles of Kuntz & Gygax

Take a prolonged look at my Greyhawk City Sewers and Catacombs map created for Gary's and my own shared campaign,  Greyhawk.  This is but a sample of the hundreds of maps on the El Raja Key Archive DVD available from TLB Games.

City of Greyhawk Catacombs & Sewers by Rob Kuntz
City of Greyhawk Catacombs & Sewers by Rob Kuntz

This map is representative of the time and detail both Gary and I contributed to our dungeon maps, to those crafted for Greyhawk Castle (my own Greyhawk Castle levels are also included on the disc), regional maps, city maps, and others.

The Archive is not only a tour of the history of RPGs from the Lake Geneva perspective, 1972 onward, it is a guide into the minds, habits and creative proclivities of those times.

Compare the above map to others made since then.  You just might conclude that Gary and I took our gaming and game designs very seriously!

Take the Tour of the El Raja Key Archive here.

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