Latest Releases: Living Rooms, Beyond the Living Room, and The Open Form Broadside




Living Rooms: An alphabetical compendium set to liven up your RPG adventures by breathing excitement (and the unexpected) into your interiors (castles, dungeons, cities...). Watch out as furniture, furnishings and objets d'art suddenly take on a life of their own! Includes The Lady's Locket mini-adventure. All-around fun guaranteed!





Beyond the Living Room: Originally published as a print product back in 2020, this legendary RPG module is nowfor the very first timeavailable as a PDF, exclusive to our store! "Just beyond the door lies adventure and within the adventure lies a mystery! Explore a dimension created by a powerful artifact and the mysterious being trying to bend it to his will." Eventful adventures guaranteed!





The Open Form Broadside - Issue 1: A journal of in-depth essays on Lateral RPG Design Thinking aimed at serious designers and gamemasters, distilled from Rob's 50+ years in game design. An outlet for his expounding upon RPG history, RPG design, open vs. closed game designs, RPG system thinking, the exploration of Fantasy as fact and not as motif... Food for thought guaranteed!

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